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Alternatively, you can also find it on the editing page. To do this, navigate to the view’s Settings → General area and find the section titled Embed Shortcode.

You can now use this shortcode to display form submissions on your site. Just paste it wherever you like, whether that’s on a page or post, or in a widget or menu. Visitors will be able to see your form submissions, which will also be filtered and formatted according to your settings.

If you’d rather use PHP, that’s also an option. The PHP insert code is included right beneath the shortcode in the View sidebar.

You have another posting option as well. You can use a Formidable Forms widget to automatically display your form submissions via the Block Editor.


When you’re creating a website, showing input from users can be helpful. To do this, you’ll want WordPress to display form submissions automatically. Fortunately, Formidable Forms makes this process easy, no matter what kind of entries you’d like to post.

In this article, we covered three simple steps to display form entries on the front end:

  1. Create a form that will collect the form data you’d like to display.
  2. Set up a new View to format and filter those entries.
  3. Use a shortcode, widget, or PHP to publish the View with its submissions.

Formidable Forms can give you even more flexibility when it comes to user submissions and displaying front-end posts. Feel free to look at some of our other features if you’re interested in taking your site to the next level!

More about displaying form submissions in WordPress

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