Tahsin Ahmed

How Do You Fit a Treadmill in a Small Apartment?

If you have the luxury of an extra room for a home gym then yes you could fit a treadmill in there but unless that was the only thing you were doing in that room you would likely get very bored. So then the answer is to make it part of your living space so that it’s easily accessible from multiple rooms and not just a closed-off room or hallway.

In my own apartment, I have set up a treadmill, yoga mat, an iPod docking station, and speaker all in the same basic area which could easily be used for watching TV while running on the treadmill. The great thing about having this stuff out in the open and as close to me as possible is that I can use them even when no one else is home or if I’m just out of shape company walks by they can walk with me.

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