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Slipping When Running or Walking of a crooked walking belt

The Risk with A Tight Treadmill Belt

A tight treadmill belt is also not good because it could cause injury due to the little give in the material due to too much friction. It might make your joints hurt after running on a treadmill for some time if it’s too tight because of how much pressure they’re under from how hard you’re working out. There won’t be enough room for them to move around within the belt fabric itself without causing pain or injury later on down the line during long cardio sessions performed on this equipment.

Runner’s Knee

One of the most common injuries from walking belt tension is with a runner’s knee. This injury usually occurs in runners with weaker or inflexible quad muscles and overpronate while running on flat surfaces such as roads and tracks. When this happens, it puts an immense amount of strain on your knees, which causes them to ache after long periods spent outside jogging or doing track workouts at school or elsewhere.

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